News Live 365: July 26th, 2021

Millions of dollars of PennVEST loans and grants were issued to areas of Northwestern Pennsylvania on Friday. Pennvest is the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority through which Governor Tom Wolf has approved over $117 million in grants and loans to be distributed for 2021. The money distributed includes more than $4 million in grants and loans to the city of Greenville to be used for the removal of lead components from the drinking water systems; Perry Township in Mercer County received around $1.2 million for the installation of 4,800 feet of low pressure sewer lines; Linesville received nearly $776,000 to replace an undersized watermain and replace old lead connections.


PennDOT begins the first steps in a three year project to repave portions of the interstate highway near the New York border in Erie County. Crews from Lindy Paving of Union City will begin with repairs to a culvert which carries I-90 over 16 mile creek starting today. More information on PennDOT’s maintenance schedule in our region can be found at


Pennsylvania’s Department of State has decertified Fulton County’s entire election system after the county turned over its results to an unapproved third party technology company for analysis. Pennsylvania’s acting Secretary of State Veronica Degraffenreid says the decision was made after Fulton County election officials handed over ballots and other confidential information to Wake Technology Services at the behest of State Senator Doug Mostriano. Wake is also one of the companies contracted to handle the audit in Arizona’s Maricopa County by Cyber Ninjas, who used Wake’s audit of Fulton County as justified experience in elections, but the company had never handled election materials before then.
Republicans, Senate President Jake Corman and Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward called it an aggressive, coercive, strong-arm tactic by the PA Department of State, while Degraffenreid says that the decertification move is justified because Wake TSI had no approval and no prior experience with election technology and no expertise. The Chair of the Fulton County Commissioners is Stuart Ulsh and he is trying to appeal the decision and has recruited State Representative Jesse Topper and State Senator Judy Ward to convince the State Department that there was no evidence that their system was ever compromised by the move. If their repeal is denied Fulton County will have to replace all of their voting machines and software by November.