News Live 365: July 22nd, 2021

Farmers, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is ready to offer seven year tax credits of up to $250,000 for improving the land management on your farms. The Resource Enhancement and Protection, or REAP program has awarded over $100 million in tax credits in 15 years for farmers who employ best practices in things like reducing sediment runoff, improving their soil, and enhancing waterways. Learn more at


Edinboro University has been recognized by the National Weather Service and Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as a StormReady facility. StormReady facilities have a 24-hour warning point and emergency operations center, a weather monitoring system, and the ability to issue severe weather warnings, among other things. Edinboro University is also one of the 14 Mass Care Shelter locations in the entire state.


Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced he and other attorneys general have finished the negotiation of a $26 billion settlement with the nation’s largest opioid manufacturers yesterday. In addition to the monetary settlement of which Pennsylvania gets about $1 billion, the agreement also includes significant industry changes to prevent a future addiction crisis like the one faced now.