News Live 365: July 21st, 2021

Robert Staup of Cochranton was arrested over the weekend after allegedly threatening two victims with what police described as a large military style knife. According to authorities, the 43 year old Staup was arrested after police received a call about a drunk and out of control man wielding a weapon in Fairfield Township, Crawford County. During the arrest Staup refused to drop his weapon and tried to fight with officers which required them to use a stun gun.


Republican lawmakers, the Israeli Consulate, and others began urging Governor Tom Wolf to initiate Act 163 of 2016 in response to Ben and Jerry’s announcement of plans to stop selling ice cream in parts of Israel. Act 163 of 2016 prohibits any state entity from contracting with a company that boycotts Israel. State Representative Aaron Kaufer went so far as to accuse the ice cream company’s owners of antisemitism and accused them of being part of the BDS movement. On Monday, Ben and Jerry’s announced they would no longer be selling their products in Occupied Palestinian Territory, which are areas of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and city of Jerusalem recognized by the United Nations as under Israeli occupation. They also noted they would not be renewing their license with their current local manufacturer.


In Dauphin County an investigation is underway after a man was killed in a shootout with police. Authorities are trying to discover what led 34 year old Mitchell Suller to fire a rifle at his neighbor’s homes and then the police.