News Live 365: June 29th, 2021

Karen and Herbert Buckle of Harborcreek are both facing more than a dozen criminal charges after allegedly threatening a group of children with a shotgun while they were on a playground near the couple’s house. Authorities allege that on June 24th the husband and wife arrived at their home after picking up a shotgun from the home of a relative and immediately exited their car and then began threatening eight children playing in the park across the street from their home. Some of the children recorded the incident on video showing Herbert cock the shotgun and hand it to his wife Karen who pointed it at the children and advanced on them from across the street while brandishing the weapon. Both Karen and Herbert have been charged with eight counts each of simple assault and terroristic threats, while Karen faces eight additional counts of aggravated assault, and reckless endangerment.


On Sunday, July 4th, New Beginnings Church will hold their annual Ultimate Freedom Event on the Crawford County Fairgrounds. There will be a car show, games, food, entertainment, fun for children, and more.


Today’s heat index will be nearly 100 degrees with 94% humidity and the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission is offering advice on how to keep cool while saving money on energy costs. According to the PUC every degree you set your air conditioner above 72 can reduce your energy costs by 3% and a fan can make a room feel four degrees cooler without having to touch a thermostat. Another tip from the PUC is to close off unused rooms and seal cracks to prevent warm air from leaching into other rooms. The PUC also wants to assure the public that Pennsylvania’s grid can handle the increased power demands by people looking to cool their homes off during the heatwave.