News Live 365: June 24th, 2021

A Titusville man was sent to the hospital after a violent crash in Venango County. Crash scene investigators say that a pickup truck driven by 44 year old John Ross went airborne after hitting the ditch on Route 428 in Oakland Township Venango County. After landing, the truck rolled and spun and then came to a stop after colliding with a utility pole.


Yesterday The Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of a former student of Mahoney School District in Pennsylvania. At the age of 14 Brandi Levi was punished by her school for writing an expletive filled rant on social media the weekend after not making the varsity cheer squad. In an 8-1 decision SCOTUS upheld a lower court ruling that schools cannot punish students for their behavior when not in school.


The University of Pittsburgh is forming its own courses on how to fight against conspiracy theories and disinformation. The Pitt Disinformation Lab was announced as a new addition to the Institute of Cyber Law, Policy, and Security to teach future students how to prevent false information from propagating enough to cause actual real world harm.