The prosecution is expected to rest their case today in the murder trial of Sheldon Jeter in Beaver County.  Investigators say Jeter shot and killed 30-year-old Tyric Pugh back in May 2020 in Aliquippa after the two friends got ice cream together.  Prior to this, Jeter was best known for his connection to Rachael DelTondo, who was gunned down outside her parents’ home back in 2018.  A jury could begin deliberations in the trial later this week.

Vice President Kamala Harris pitched the newly expanded child tax credit and met with union leaders on the South Side in her first visit to Pittsburg since the election.  The vice president visited Brookline Recreation Center to promote the child tax credit, a centerpiece of the American Rescue Plan.  The tax credit provides up to 36-hundred dollars per child per year for families making under 150-thousand dollars.  Those payments begin going out next month.

COVID-19 cases are continuing to rise throughout the state. Health officials say yesterday, the state total saw an increase of 129 new cases, pushing it to one-million-210-thousand-469. One new death related to the virus was added to the death toll, which is at 27-thousand-570. Lawrence County has 7,667 cases and 214 deaths. Mercer County has 9,713 Covid-19 cases and 261 fatalities.

Police are looking for a man who is being accused of climbing through a child’s bedroom window in Beaver County.  The incident happened yesterday morning at a residence along Virginia Avenue.  Police say surveillance video shows the man climbing through the bedroom window of two young girls before the homeowner startled him and he ran out the front door.  Anyone with any information is being asked to contact the Rochester Borough Police Department.

The state House is expected to take a final vote on an election reform bill today. The legislation would add restrictions to mail-in voting, allow for early in-person voting in starting in 2025 and cut off voter registration earlier. The bill would also require voters to show I.D. at the polls. Governor Tom Wolf and other Democrats say these changes are unnecessary as Pennsylvania’s elections are already safe and accurate.

New leadership at Lordstown Motors Corp is back promoting the all-electric truck being built at the former Lordstown GM Plant.  The new featured photos of the Endurance truck come just days after the former Lordstown Motors CEO and CFO were forced out of the company.  Stock is down five-percent as of Monday amid reports of massive losses and the leadership struggle within the company.  Still, Lordstown Motors’ new leadership team is targeting the fall for at least limited production of the electric trucks.

Authorities are looking into what caused a fire at a natural gas facility in Washington County.  The blaze broke out yesterday evening at the Williams Ethane Pipeline valve station along Pleasant Valley Road in Buffalo Township.  Officials with the company say they believe the fire was caused by a lightning strike, but it will be fully determined later today.  No injuries were reported.

According to this week’s Triple-A East Central Gas Price report Gas prices in Western Pennsylvania are one cent lower this week at $3.248 per gallon. In New Castle the average price is at 3.22 a gallon. Motorists is Sharon are paying 3.24.  Increasing gasoline stock levels have helped to keep gas prices mostly stable across the country. On the week, 40 state gas price averages held steady or saw fluctuation of only one to two cents. This helped the national average decrease by a penny since last Monday, down to $3.07 today. The average price a year ago was at 2.44 a gallon.