News Live 365: June 22nd, 2021

A Spartansburg man was cited for a noise complaint in a big way after allegedly setting off some kind of loud explosion that rocked the foundations of his neighbor’s homes. When several of the neighbors called the Pennsylvania State Police about the noise from the home of Donald Smith, troopers investigated and found a shredded trash bag which was presumably used to set off some kind of gas explosion and so Smith was cited for disorderly conduct and littering.


The remains of 10 more indigenous children buried on the grounds of the former Carlisle Indian Industrial School have been disinterred and are being returned to their tribes. The children include nine from the Sioux Nation and one Alaskan Aleut, surviving records show they mostly died of pneumonia and tuberculosis. Carlisle hosts an Army barracks now, but from 1879 to 1918 it was the site of one of dozens of involuntary boarding schools for Native American Children.


The Pennsylvania State Senate unanimously approved a new bill yesterday which seeks to help children in foster care or who are homeless graduate from school. The bill amends Pennsylvania’s education codes to create a point person that makes sure all of a foster child’s records are reviewed and  transferred between schools.