News Live 365: June 16th, 2021

In Mercer County authorities say 44 year old Eric George called Emergency services at about 10:45 on Monday night to report that he had strangled his wife to death. When Pennsylvania State Troopers arrived at the scene in Coolspring Township they found George and the body of 41 year old Serena Schoeder who had moved from Lemoore California to marry him in January this year. An autopsy was performed to determine cause of death yesterday and George is being held in Mercer County Jail while awaiting arraignment. The latest information we have says he has refused to talk about the circumstances of the strangling.


In Harrisburg Republican lawmakers busied themselves with elections yesterday and approved bills for floor debate in both the house and senate government committees. The House Committee approved HB 1300, named ‘The Voting Rights Protection Act’ which proposes many things, including expanded voter ID laws, and shortening the period of time where voters can register. It also includes the option for counties to set up drop boxes for mail-in ballots, create early in person voting, and more. The Senate Committee approved a proposed constitutional amendment to require ID at the polls with their eye on it being available on the 2023 primary ballot.