News Live 365: June 15th, 2021

A Harrisville man has been charged with making terroristic threats and simple and aggravated assault from an incident at a graduation party. On Friday the 12th, 33 year old Daniel Meier was at the location of a graduation party in Grove City where he allegedly threatened an 18 year old girl and then fought with another man, causing him a serious injury. We have no details as to the relationship between Meier or the victims.


Pennsylvania Hunting and Fur Taking Licenses for the 2021-2022 season, and lifetime hunting licenses are now available for sale at your county Treasurer’s Office. Specific tags and licenses for antlerless deer will begin being sold through the mail only on July 12th. The price of all hunting licenses has increased by $0.07 this year.


Governor Tom Wolf’s attempts to get Pennsylvania into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative were a major motivator behind legislation in Harrisburg yesterday. Six senate democrats joined with every republican to create a veto proof 35-15 majority in favor of a bill that would require the approval of the legislature to join the RGGI and two other bills involving the initiative were proposed in the house and senate.
The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative is a cap and trade program adopted by 11 states including all of Pennsylvania’s neighbors aside from West Virginia and Ohio. Governor Tom Wolf directed the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to begin taking steps to join the initiative in 2019 and it has meant opposition from the Republican Party from the onset. Monday’s Senate vote was motivated by the argument that Governor Wolf was exceeding his authority as governor by unilaterally making the decision. Two bills introduced yesterday in the House and Senate were endorsed by the Governor, they are about how the $250 million expected to be added to the treasury every year by joining the RGGI should be applied to the budget.