News Live 365: June 10th, 2021

Yes Virginia, there will be a Thurston Classic! Come Father’s Day Weekend it’s become tradition to look to the Crawford county sky in search of colorful hot air balloons as they pass overhead and in 2021 at least in that aspect it will be no different. Because of the ongoing Pandemic, this year’s classic will be a little different and skip the four day event people are accustomed too, but next Friday and Saturday will see seven balloonists taking off at around 7PM to float around the skies of Meadville as long as the weather permits. This year’s mini classic is to honor Ted Watts, chairman of the Thurston Classic, who passed last October after contracting COVID-19. Jeff Bader of Butler; Mike Emich of Akron; Gary Hughes of Saxonburg; Alex Jonard of Sycamore, Illinois; Janet Lutkus of Medina, Ohio; Roger Miller of Meadville; and Shannon Rote of Doylestown, Ohio will be participating in the flyover. Both of the late Tedd Watt’s balloons “Legal Eagle” and “Legal Eagle 2ZX” will be flown.


The Pennsylvania State Senate approved a bill which would ban the state from requiring what are known as ‘vaccine passports’. Originally the bill sought only to prevent the state from requiring proof of vaccination against COVID for any reason, but then lost many Democratic supporters after an amendment was added to reduce the powers of the Secretary of Health.