News Live 365: June 7th, 2021

In Erie County authorities report that two people on a motorcycle were hospitalized when they collided with a pickup truck attempting to make a turn. The crash happened at the intersection of Waterford and Murray street in Union City, and both riders were thrown from their motorcycle and reportedly suffered serious injuries.


Meadville Medical Center is no longer hosting first dose COVID-19 vaccine clinics at the old Peeble’s store in Meadville’s Park Avenue Plaza, but they will continue providing second vaccine doses at already scheduled appointments. For anyone interested in a first dose of the vaccine, you can still register on their website at to have an appointment scheduled at Mill Run Pharmacy in Downtown Meadville. Vaccines are available to anyone 12 years and older.


A new multimodal transportation plan has been unveiled by Pennsylvania’s State Senate Transportation Committee Chair, Wayne Langerholc. The Drive Smart Act seeks reforms to PennDOT and the Turnpike Commission, re-allocation of funds for inner city rail projects, and a road map for testing autonomous driving vehicles. Check PennDOT’s work schedules for Northwest PA at


61 year old Dean Marburger of Mercer has been charged with assault using a weapon and other crimes after accosting a camper with a loaded weapon in the middle of the night on Friday. The Mercer State Police allege Marburger entered the victim’s campsite after 10:30 with a loaded firearm, shouting threats and racial slurs, and discharging his weapon into a pond. The victim claims he was there with permission.


The Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee approved a bill which could charge parents with a crime if they don’t report a child missing within 24 hours of their disappearance. The bill was authored by Rep. Karen Boback who says it was inspired by the 2011 case of Casey Anthony; she was acquitted of murdering her own two year old daughter, but did not report her missing for almost a month.


Pennsylvania’s Department of Education will be studying the effects of frequent transitions between in person and remote learning for elementary and high school students. Evidence suggests that the constant switching and other stressors had a negative impact on the mental health and grades of students during the 2020 school year.