News Live 365: may 25th, 2021

Multiple thefts from vehicles have been reported on Plank Road in Crawford County’s Venango Township last week. The thefts happened sometime around midnight Thursday night and the Pennsylvania State Police are investigating. Authorities are asking anyone that may have information or footage from cameras in the area to please call the Meadville Barracks at (814)332-6911.


Pennsylvania’s House Majority Leader, Kerry Benninghoff, has already filed a resolution to put an end to what they call the most destructive portions of Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 state of emergency and the proposal is being reviewed by the State Government Committee. Benninghoff’s resolution seeks an end to no-bid single source contracts, the reestablishment of work search requirements for unemployment compensation, and the end of mandatory occupancy limits. The resolution is moving forward after preliminary results show two constitutional amendments that were voted on last Tuesday were passed, but last week’s primary election has not been certified.


Pennsylvania’s Department of Agriculture is now recommending the use of circle traps to combat the Commonwealth’s infestation of spotted lanternflies. Spotted Lanternflies are an invasive species with no native predators and have caused serious damage to trees and crops. Jay Losiewicz is a specialist with the Department of Agriculture and says that circle traps are the most effective way to kill and capture spotted lanternflies. Spotted lanternflies are now in 35 of Pennsylvania’s counties despite quarantine measures.