News Live 365: May 12th, 2021

On Sunday morning Pennsylvania State Police officers arrested a 13 year old boy after a vehicle and foot pursuit in Erie County. At around 4AM the boy, a resident of North East, fled an attempted traffic stop and led troopers on a short chase before crashing and attempting to flee on foot. Two other young boys that were with the driver were detained and then released to their parents while the driver was taken to Perseus House and Arraigned in Juvenile Court Monday morning.


The Environmental Protection Agency has issued a fuel waiver for Pennsylvania and other states affected by the ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline. The waiver is in an attempt to prevent a shortage and removes requirements for cleaner burning gasoline, allowing for stations to temporarily sell lower grades of fuel for cars. The waiver is effective through Tuesday, May 18th.


A federal court has overturned the CDC’s moratorium on evictions during the COVID-19 pandemic and Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services wants you to know there is help. ERAP is the new Emergency Rental Assistance Program and is there to provide assistance to struggling renters and landlords. Find out more at


Next week’s primary election also includes four other ballot questions, including referendums on three proposed amendments to the Pennsylvania Constitution. Unlike the races to pick candidates for each party, any registered voter regardless of party affiliation or lack thereof, may cast a ballot for or against these four initiatives. The third ballot question is the second of three proposed amendments to Pennsylvania’s Constitution. This amendment seeks to modify Article IV of the constitution which defines the governor’s power to declare a state of emergency. Under current PA law the Governor is given sole power over the declaration and management over a state of emergency for 90 days to allow quick and decisive action. The amendment would give the general assembly more power over the state of emergency; automatically ending any emergency declaration by the governor within 21 days without a concurrent resolution by the legislature and giving management of the emergency to the assembly through the passage of law instead of the governor’s executive order.