News Live 365: May 11th, 2021

Authorities in Mercer County report the brutal assault of a 15 year old boy in George Junior Republic. In what is apparently a gang motivated attack a 17 year old allegedly stabbed the 15 year old multiple times in the head and arms with homemade weapons known as shanks, but did not cause any life threatening wounds. The attacker allegedly admitted to have planning the attack for several weeks in advance and claimed to be a member of a street gang known as the “Mexican Mafia” and that his intent was to blind the victim he attacked because he suspected him of being a member of the Crips. The attacker is being held a Mercer County Jail and was charged as an adult with multiple crimes, including aggravated assault, assault by a prisoner, simple assault, and procurement of a weapon by an inmate. The attack happened May 3rd, but was not reported until five days later and the Pennsylvania State Police are investigating both the crime and the reason there was such a long delay in reporting the crime.


Veterans outreach hours in the office of Representative Lee James are from 10AM to 2PM on Tuesday, May 18th. A field service officer from the American Legion will be on hand to assist veterans and their survivors with VA benefit issues. To schedule an appointment call (814)677-6413.


In State News, Bradford County’s District Attorney has resigned from office after pleading guilty to multiple criminal charges. Chad Salsman has pleaded guilty to charges of intimidation, promoting prostitution, and obstruction of justice after an investigation by Attorney General Josh Shapiro.


Next week’s primary election also includes four other ballot questions, including referendums on three proposed amendments to the Pennsylvania Constitution. Unlike the races to pick candidates for each party, any registered voter regardless of party affiliation or lack thereof, may cast a ballot for or against these four initiatives. The second initiative on the ballot is one of three amendments proposed to the Pennsylvania Constitution. The amendment seeks to change Article III Section 9 of the constitution to give the General Assembly the power to end or extend a state of emergency with a concurrent resolution by simple majority vote without requiring the approval of the Governor. Last year the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the current constitution allows the General Assembly to take a vote on states of emergency, but such votes are subject to the same checks and balances as any other legislation and can be vetoed or approved by the Governor.