News Live 365: April 9th, 2021

Pennsylvania is now 11th in the nation when it comes to the number of adults who have received a vaccine for COVID-19, well up from where we were at the beginning of March. Pennsylvania is about to cross the 6 million vaccine mark, more than 2,125,000 have been fully vaccinated and an additional 3.8 million are waiting for a second dose. Pennsylvania entered into phase 1B of vaccine distribution on Monday and is scheduled to begin the next phase on Monday the 12th; by April 19th any Pennsylvania resident who wants a vaccine can get one. According to the Department of Health, the number of people reporting vaccine side effects is decreasing and most common side effects are soreness at the injection site, mild fever, and a headache – which are common for most vaccines. Even while vaccine numbers are climbing COVID-19 infections are on the rise.  The state has recorded more than 1,059,000 cases since the pandemic began, leading to 25,327 deaths.


The Pennsylvania State Police are reporting a Union City man is dead, and that his wife, along with two passengers are severely injured after a head-on collision between an SUV and a Mack Truck in Crawford County. According to the Corry State Police the crash happened at the intersection of King Road and Rockdale Road in Bloomfield Township and that the woman was driving the 2008 Ford Escape SUV as it collided at high speed with the truck which was carrying a flatbed trailer. The driver of the SUV was wearing a seatbelt and sustained several non life-threatening injuries, but her husband was killed in the crash. Two passengers in the vehicle were also injured and had to be hospitalized, one of them was airlifted to UPMC after being ejected from the vehicle. The crash is still being investigated and none of the involved person’s names have been revealed.


The City of Franklin Police Department has arrested a transient man named Phillip Davis Junior on charges of stalking, terroristic threats, defiant trespass, contempt for violating a PFA, and more. According to FPD Davis tapped on the window of his victim with a knife and threatened to cut his own wrists unless he was allowed into their home. Before he arrived at the scene Davis allegedly texted his victim to tell them they were going to get what they deserved.


Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, has announced he filed charges related to wage theft against Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc. According to the AG, Hawbaker has been stealing funds from its employee’s benefit packages for decades and has pilfered millions of dollars. According to AG Shapiro this is the largest case of Prevailing Wage Theft on record and that only five years worth of charges could be brought against the company because of the statute of limitations.