News Live 365: March 30th, 2021

In Erie County’s Union Township, the state police are investigating an animal cruelty case. At about 4:15PM on Wednesday, March 24th, a German shepherd dog wandered from its owner’s property on O’Neill Road near Union City and was shot in the left front leg by an unknown actor. The dog’s leg had to be amputated due to severe injury. If you have information please call the Corry State Police at (814)663-2043.


The Pennsylvania State Police have issued a scam alert after a Crawford County woman paid more than $16,000 to a scammer who accepted gift cards as payment. Scammers request payment in gift cards because they are widely available in many denominations, untraceable, and easily redeemable. Police report that the woman was the victim of an online scam that allegedly involved her credit card and when she called the false customer service number she was fooled into allowing the scammer remote access to her computer and they refused give it back until she agreed to pay them. PSP offered many tips to avoid becoming the victim of a similar scam; including remembering no government agency, business, or utility will ask for payment in gift cards and if someone asks for donations of gift cards for charity you should first contact the charity in question to confirm. The full press release including the scam alert can be found at, please note that this link will open a download for a Microsoft Word Document.


In state news, three Pittsburgh residents have been arrested in connection to a scheme to defraud unemployment insurance that amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to the office of Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro Linda Slade, Rochelle Oaks, and Keith Brown applied for Pandemic Assistance Unemployment using the information of more than 90 individuals to defraud more than $800,000 in money both for themselves and for others.


State Police arrested an Albion woman yesterday after she held herself hostage and threatened to blow up her neighborhood. Melanie Fuller held a knife to her own neck while threatening to fill her house with gas and ignite it to cause an explosion. State troopers tried to defuse the situation and enter the house, but Fuller refused allow them through the door. Eventually she revealed herself to police who deployed a stun gun to subdue her.


In Mercer County authorities are investigating the theft of a lawn tractor near Jamestown. The tractor is a red Wheelhorse lawn tractor that had a snow plow attachment and was stolen between Sunday March 14th, and Thursday March 18th. Please call the Mercer County State Police if you can help at (724)662-6162.


The Pennsylvania House Transportation Committee approved a bill that allows local police forces to use RADAR to enforce speed limits. Pennsylvania is the only state that does not allow municipal police to use RADAR, but the State Police have used it for nearly 50 years. A similar bill passed the House of Representatives last year, but was never voted on in the Senate. The current bill, authored by Representative Greg Rothman, municipalities would only be allowed to ticket people recorded as going more than 5 miles per hour over the speed limit and speeding ticket revenue may not exceed more than 10% of the municipal police budget.