News Live 365: March 24th, 2021

A Lawrence County Couple has been taken into custody and charged with multiple crimes related to the riot in the United States Capitol building in January. Debra Maimone and Philip Vogel of New Castle are charged with theft, disorderly conduct, and violent entry in a federal court. The pair were identified through social media where the FBI says picture and video evidence shows them pushing through police officers and kicking in an office door.


The Pennsylvania House Commerce Committee approved a bill written by local legislator Brad Roae. House Bill 747, the One Staffer One Shopper bill, would allow small businesses to stay open during the next COVID-19 type state of emergency as long as they offered only curbside service or single customer and staff member interactions. The bill was originally introduced before the 2020 election and passed the PA House, but did not get a vote in the senate.


Governor Tom Wolf’s longest serving cabinet head has resigned. Effective April 30th, Human Services Secretary Teresa Miller will be vacating her position for new work in another state after being part of the administration for six years.