News Live 365: March 11th, 2021

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has elevated Crawford County’s fire danger level to moderate. The DCNR made their pronouncement yesterday which came shortly after a warning from Crawford County’s Department of Public Safety. Dry and windy conditions have already caused around a dozen brush fires in the first three months of 2021 and the average is around 50 fires per year. The Department of Public Safety offered the following tips about outdoor burning:

  • Check the conditions and don’t burn when its windy or vegetation is very dry.
  • Check local regulations in your area, a permit may be required
  • Please only burn dry natural vegetation that comes from your property
  • Choose a safe burning site away from powerlines, buildings, and tree limbs
  • Make sure your regular burning spot is a gravel or dirt surface for at least 10 feet in all directions
  • Water down surrounding areas during a burn
  • Keep your piles small and manageable and add debris as the fire burns down
  • Always stay with your fire until its completely out, drown the fire with water when it’s done burning, and check the area around the burn for the next few days

Questions regarding your local outdoor burning regulations should be directed to your local fire department or municipality.


In Erie County authorities are reporting the hospitalization of a 19 year old woman after a crash in Fairview Township. Crash scene investigators say she was sent to St. Vincent’s after striking a utility pole and rolling her car while trying to avoid hitting a squirrel on a stretch of Route 98 known as Avonia Road.


In State News the Department of Labor and Industry is adding at least 500 new customer service representatives to help process a backlog of unemployment claims. People are reporting wait times of hours or even days before they can talk with a representative and several weeks for a resolution to their problems.