News Live 365: March 10th, 2021

Crawford County’s Department of Public Safety is asking residents to refrain from lighting fires during dry and windy conditions. Two out of control fires stirred by wind and fueled by dry grass have already caused injury and damage to people and property in Cambridge and Summerhill Townships this year. Outdoor burning always carries a risk of sparking brushfires, but that risk is far more pronounced during dry and windy conditions. The Department of Public Safety also offered the following tips about outdoor burning:

  • Check the conditions and don’t burn when its windy or vegetation is very dry.
  • Check local regulations in your area, a permit may be required
  • Please only burn dry natural vegetation that comes from your property
  • Choose a safe burning site away from powerlines, buildings, and tree limbs
  • Make sure your regular burning spot is a gravel or dirt surface for at least 10 feet in all directions
  • Water down surrounding areas during a burn
  • Keep your piles small and manageable and add debris as the fire burns down
  • Always stay with your fire until its completely out, drown the fire with water when it’s done burning, and check the area around the burn for the next few days

Questions regarding your local outdoor burning regulations should be directed to your local fire department or municipality.


State Representative for Venango and Butler Counties, Lee James, will be hosting two Property Tax and Rent Rebate assistance clinics in Venango County this month. Property Tax and Rent Rebates are available for Pennsylvania residents based on income who are 65 years old or older, widows or widowers aged 50 and older, and adults aged at least 18 with at least one permanent disability. The first clinic will be held on Thursday, March 18th at the VFW 411 in Franklin and the second on Thursday, March 25th at the YWCA in Oil City; both run for two hours from 10AM until noon. Please remember to bring proof of age, proof of income for 2020, and proof of the amount of rent or taxes you paid for 2020. Call (814)677-6413 for more information.


Jennifer Berrier, the Acting Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry has announced a new initiative called Near Completers. Near Completers is a program aimed at helping people who almost had their degree or certification, but couldn’t complete their work, to have a second chance to finish their education. L&I will be working with local workforce development boards to create the grants and programs for the initiatives.