News Live 365: March 5th, 2021

As we bring our weekly COVID-19 and influenza update, Crawford and Warren Counties are among only a handful of counties where more people have received a full vaccine course than have received the first dose. 2,668,598 Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have been distributed across the state, fully vaccinating more than 826,000 people, another 1.8 million have received their first dose. In a little more than two weeks COVID-19 will have been confirmed in Pennsylvania for an entire year and it has been detected in more than 941,000 residents and killed almost 70 people a day, taking the lives of 24,219 Pennsylvanians, and leaving thousands more with a potential lifetime of complications. Flu numbers continue to be well below epidemic levels in Pennsylvania; 2,816 cases of influenza have been confirmed by laboratory tests, and 37 hospitalizations and 14 deaths are attributed to flu.


Erie County authorities are searching for a horse trailer and tack which was stolen from a home in the Haborcreek area at around 4AM Thursday morning. Stolen items are worth thousands of dollars and include a white horse trailer with PA plate number XKL0399, a $3,000 horse saddle, horse bridals, a pop-up tent, and chairs. The thief left drag marks that travelled east on Garfield Avenue, turned north on Davidson Road, and disappeared after crossing train tracks. Anyone with information should please contact the Erie State Police at (717)783-5599.


Five states have announced the end of mask mandates, but Pennsylvania is not likely to be one anytime soon. Acting Secretary of Health Alison Beam has said that while some rules about travel and indoor and outdoor gatherings have been relieved, mask wearing remains important for the foreseeable future.