News Live 365: February 19th, 2021

Meadville Medical Center announced on Wednesday that winter weather caused a delay in the delivery of nearly 2,000 doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, which forced them to postpone about 800 appointments scheduled for Thursday vaccinations and may result in further 1,100 postponements on Saturday. MMC has administered more than 14,000 vaccines in Crawford County while statewide the number rapidly approaches 2 million, mostly focused on healthcare professionals and nursing home residents. New cases of COVID-19 have dropped by more than one half of the December and January peak with an average of about 2,927 new cases confirmed per day in the last week. 906,000 Pennsylvanian’s have been diagnosed with the disease which has caused 23,413 deaths and is currently causing the hospitalization of 2,124 people. Since the official beginning of flu season in September 2020 there have only been 2,685 cases of influenza; they’ve led to 34 hospitalizations and 13 deaths.


Sometime between 5PM on Wednesday and 7AM Thursday someone broke into a livestock barn at the YMCA’s Camp Fitch in Erie County’s Springfield Township. The actor or actors stole a Nigerian Dwarf goat which is kept at the camp for educational purposes. If you have information about this crime please call the State Police in Girard at (814)774-9611.


The Pennsylvania Bureau of Dog Law, an offshoot of the Department of Agriculture, can no longer maintain its operational budget from the sale of dog licenses. Ag Secretary Russel Redding is urging the legislature to pass a series of bills which would help make the agency self funding again by increasing the cost of an annual dog license to $10 from $6.50 and requiring puppies to be licensed by 8 weeks old.


In Pennsylvania all adults over 64 years of age are eligible for COVID-19 vaccines, but those who live independently may have difficulty knowing when they can get a shot. You can get help by contacting Active Aging, or the PA Department of Health at (1-877)724-3258.