News Live 365: February 16th, 2021

A large winter storm hit our region on President’s Day and instead of the heavy snow initially expected we were blanketed by a layer of ice as a steady stream of mixed rain and snow poured from the heavens. A number of schools have posted delays and cancelations or switched to remote learning for the day on account of icy and hard to navigate roads; a list of those schools can be found under Operation Weather Alert on our website. As of 5:30 this morning PennDOT has removed speed and vehicle restrictions on Interstates 79 and 80, but Interstates 86 and 90 are still under a 45 mile per hour speed restriction and commercial vehicles must travel inside the right lane. For safety sake reduce your travel speeds today, change lanes only rarely, and avoid using cruise control on icy roads.


In State News PennDOT has partnered with the PA Department of Human Services to create a special photo ID for the homeless and people without a permanent address. These new ID cards also allow those who are homeless to renew their ID to reflect the change in their status. Applications can be found at all Driver’s License and Photo Centers.


Edinboro University is planning to reopen at full capacity for its fall semester. From a letter and press release sent by interim University President Dr. Pehrsson, the University plans to house more than 1,200 students on its campus for the fall semester assuming that the COVID-19 situation has improved.


Teacher’s unions and education organizations are calling for more Pennsylvania teachers to get vaccinations against COVID-19. Crawford County has been a little bit ahead of the curve and some educators have been fully vaccinated against the disease, but now into the third month of vaccinating the state and most counties are still in the first phase which focuses on healthcare workers and the elderly. By the Trump era federal guidelines which are being followed by Pennsylvania teachers are to receive the vaccine in the second phase of the rollout Pharmacy chains Rite Aid, Walgreens, and CVS have all been added to the effort to vaccinate Pennsylvanian’s against COVID-19 as part of President Joe Biden’s efforts to speed vaccination rates and began distributing shots last week.