News Live 365: February 9th, 2021

A Mercer County woman who allegedly took part in the Capitol Riot is in FBI custody after turning herself in last Friday. 40 year old Rachel Marie Powell has been identified as ‘the Bullhorn Lady’ who was seen in dozens of photographs and video clips wearing a pink hat and sunglasses while directing other rioters with a bullhorn and at one point using a battering ram. Powell surrendered herself to authorities in Lawrence County after discovering the FBI came searching for her at home. Charges include unlawful entry onto government property, being in a restricted building with a dangerous weapon, disorderly conduct and obstruction.


A South Carolina man was arrested in connection to a five year old Pennsylvania murder case. Christopher Kowalski has allegedly confessed to the murder of a 60 year old woman named Jean Tuggy in January of 2016 by shooting her twice with a pistol in her home near State College. Kowalski sold the murder weapon in Pennsylvania before moving to South Carolina and it was eventually used to connect him to the death.


Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro has announced that thousands of Pennsylvania residents will eventually receive restitution from a million dollar settlement with Citibank after it overcharged thousands of credit cards of citizens in four states.