News Live 365: February 4, 2021

Some news that may save someone’s Valentine’s Day. The Corry State Police are in possession of a silver wedding band that was left at the barracks in November of 2020. Anyone with information or a claim on the ring should call (814)663-2043.


Pennsylvania’s Governor Tom Wolf delivered the 2021 Budget Address to the General Assembly via a prerecorded video yesterday to avoid overcrowding during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Governor’s yearly budget address is similar to the President’s State of the Union Address where the governor talks about the state of the commonwealth and then outlines his major legislative and budget goals for the coming fiscal year. Key points emphasized during Governor Wolf’s speech involved major changes to Pennsylvania’s income tax system; he seeks to lower income taxes on working and middle class families with incomes of less than $84,000 a year and raise them on higher income earners – demolishing the de facto flat 7% income tax currently used by the state.
Additionally the governor seeks a 25% decrease in Pennsylvania’s Business tax rate while closing loopholes that he says are used by large multistate and multinational corporations to avoid paying their fair share. Governor Wolf also set his primary funding goal as a further increase in education spending and a new focus on workforce development to help spur recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Local Republican legislators have reacted negatively toward most of Governor Tom Wolf’s budget address, disagreeing with some key points such as changing the income tax rates, and increasing the tax on natural gas production. Brad Roae commented that percentage based taxes like the income tax generate more revenue as the economy grows and that there is no need to change the state income tax rates. A press release by Lee James calls Governor Wolf’s priorities misplaced and said quote “… getting the COVID-19 vaccines off shelves and into arms. That’s the real way to restore PA.”
Donna Oberlander claims that Governor Wolf wants to increase income taxes by 46% and says that very few of Governor Wolf’s policies over the last six years have widespread support.

A full text of Governor Wolf’s address can be found at