News Live 365: January 27th, 2021

Authorities in Erie County are investigating a homicide at a private home on Parker Road in Union Township. State Police Troopers responded to a call about a shooting shortly before 6PM on Tuesday to find one person dead from gunshot wounds. A person of interest has been taken into custody and an investigation is ongoing.


In Crawford County State Troopers arrested 39 year old Sean Reese of Meadville on Saturday. According to the police Reese tried to flee during a routine traffic stop and led officers on a short chase before surrendering. They took him to Crawford County Jail after they allegedly discovered he had several types of drugs and a warrant for his arrest.


Jennifer Berrier, the acting Secretary of Labor and Industry for Pennsylvania has said the rollout of a second round of Pandemic related unemployment compensation has not gone as smoothly as hoped and that issues have affected the claims of a small number of people. If you are one of the affected parties please email Labor and Industry at