News Live 365: January 6th, 2021

Edinboro University has a new interim president as of New Year’s Day. Dr. Dale-Elizabeth Pehrsson took over as University President on Friday January 1st. Affectionately known as Dr. Dale by her students and colleagues; she is also the President of Clarion University and overseer of the initiative to consolidate Edinboro with Clarion and California Universities. Former Edinboro University President Guiyou Huang has left Edinboro to take charge of Western Illinois University.


The swearing in ceremony of Pennsylvania’s 2021-2022 legislature was a bit of a messy affair. A halabaloo broke out during the Senate’s swearing in when newly elected President Pro Tempore Jake Corman refused to swear in Senator Jim Brewster because of a legal challenge to his victory even though his election was certified.  Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman tried to exercise his power to take control of the gavel and preside over the ceremony to swear in Senator Brewster, but was voted out of the room by the Republican Majority. Bryan Cutler was reelected as Pennsylvania’s Speaker of the House and presided over a much less lively ceremony.