News Live 365: December 30th, 2020

The latest COVID-19 figures for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania show a slight decrease in case rates over the Christmas Holiday, but indicate there may be another spike in cases this week. Yesterday saw 8,545 new confirmed and probable cases of COVID, a jump of nearly 5,000 from Monday’s case numbers. Pennsylvania has recorded 622,349 cases of the disease since March of this year and according to the Department of Health about 405,000 patients have recovered, but 15,353 have died, and as many as 10% of survivors have suffered lingering complications from infection; some of which may be permanent. There are currently more than 217,000 infected individuals across the state and over 6,000 patients being hospitalized for treatments. The Pennsylvania Department of Health has also released figures for influenza; the flu has only been confirmed in 1,269 laboratory tests and caused 17 hospitalizations and seven deaths.