News Live 365: December 23rd, 2020

One man is dead, another severely wounded, and a third in custody after a shootout at a gun range controlled by the Game Commission in Erie County’s Greene Township. According to troopers from the Erie State Police it was around 2PM when a man named Robert Alan Eppley from North East was shooting down range, but then allegedly turned his weapon on another man and began shooting. A third man at the range claims to have observed Eppley attacking and shot him multiple times which caused a fatal wound. Eppley’s victim and his shooter both remain unnamed by the State Police at this time; the victim is only identified as a 28 year old man who is recovering from multiple gunshot wounds at a hospital in Erie; Epply’s shooter is identified only as a 67 year old man and was taken into custody while the shooting is being investigated. The Game Commission has closed the range.


In state news a manhunt is still underway for 22 year old Kobe Lee Francis who was caught on surveillance video shooting a McKeesport Police Officer three times with a hidden gun on Sunday.


The epidemic of SARS CoV2 which is the viral cause of COVID-19 has had an unusual and unexpected side effect as a boon to Pennsylvania’s domestic Christmas Tree Market. According to President Gregg Eshelman of the Pennsylvania Christmas Tree Growers Association sales of the commonwealth’s most popular live Christmas trees have boomed. Of course COVID has been mostly bad news for PA and the rest of the world; according to the Department of Health Pennsylvania has seen 40% of all of its COVID-19 cases since the beginning of November; the case count stands at 571,551 in the nine month period since March with more than 14,000 dead and tens of thousands more suffering life altering complications. The State has just announced the creation of a new tool in its arsenal of virus fighting technologies with the launch of Protect and Connect; an application which will be used to better report infection data in Counties without their own departments of health. There is also the COVID Alert PA app available for free on the Google and Iphone app stores.