News Live 365: December 7th, 2020

The Crawford County Board of Commissioners announced on Friday that they would extend their hybrid schedule through the rest of the year and into January 8th, 2021. County employees in each department of the court house are working opposite shifts from one another to attempt to prevent workplace spread of COVID-19, and access to the courthouse by the public is only granted by appointment. According to a letter sent from the Board of Commissioners 49 county employees have tested positive for COVID-19 since March, there are 11 current cases among county staff, five more awaiting test results, and employees have had to quarantine 189 times. On Saturday the Board of Commissioners revealed that 8 residents and one staff member of the Crawford County Care Center have tested positive for COVID. Statewide a new record of confirmed cases came on Friday December 4th with 12,348. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health confirmed COVID-19 cases have nearly doubled since the month of November and the positive test rate has jumped from 10% to 14.5%.


57 year old Albert Blaker, an inmate at SCI Mercer, may face hate crime charges after allegedly assaulting a corrections officer. According to Mercer County authorities Blaker attacked a hispanic officer while being transported to Sharon Regional Medical Center by kicking him in the face and causing injuries. Witnesses to the alleged attack say Blaker used language indicating the attack was based solely on the guard’s ethnicity.


Governor Tom Wolf has directed the State Planning Board to develop recommendations and best practices to help curb increasing incidents of flash flooding which he blames on global climate change. The governor says he will also have the board establish state goals and strategic investments to help  with hazard mitigation planning.


Several members of Pennsylvania’s Republican Party continue to push to call the commonwealth’s election results into dispute. Members of the state legislature including State Senator Kathy Rapp have sent a letter to the United States Congress asking them to dispute the State’s certified electors. The electoral college convenes next Monday.