News live 365: November 20th, 2020

Authorities in Erie County have issued a warrant for the arrest of 43 year old Richard James Belfiore of Fairview Pennsylvania. Belfiore is accused of burglary, robbery, theft, simple assault, and harassment after allegedly kicking down the door of a woman’s apartment, tackling her to the ground, and then stealing cash money; after the assault he allegedly stole two cellular phones to prevent his victim from calling for help. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Richard James Belfiore is being asked to call the Pennsylvania State Police in Girard at (814)774-9611.


If you have recovered from an infection of COVID-19 your blood plasma may contain antibodies which can be used to help others fight off infection as well. Please consider a blood plasma donation by calling (1-877)PLASMA9 (1-877-752-7629) or visit for more information.


The Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed Resolution 1100 to contract an outside agency to perform a complete audit of the process of the 2020 election; the audit does not call the results into question.