News Live 365: November 19th, 2020

COVID-19 is spreading at a record pace across the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, prompting the Department of Health to expand upon the mask mandate. Under the new strengthened guidelines masks should now be worn anytime you will be in the proximity of people who are not from within your household. A mask should be worn any time you are outdoors and cannot be more than six feet from others. Masks should now be worn in all indoor spaces shared with people from outside your household regardless of if they are open to the public; this includes your workplace, the gym, public transportation, and all other shared indoor locations; the mask mandate even applies if you can maintain a greater than six foot distance. Dr. Rachel Levine has also issued a new order which requires anyone entering Pennsylvania from another state to have a negative test at least three days prior to their visit and anybody who cannot get tested or chooses not to be tested is to quarantine for 14 days; the rule also applies to Pennsylvania residents returning from a visit to another state. 


The Crawford County Board of Commissioners will be implementing a new COVID-19 mitigation plan that begins after Thanksgiving. Starting on November 30th and running until at least December 11th all county employees will be split into separate work groups that will alternate work days and the courthouse will be open by appointment only with walk-ins forbidden from entering the building; anyone who has business in the courthouse must contact the courthouse ahead of time and schedule an appointment to be there. The Commissioners will also be reviewing the daily COVID reports and working with the Director of Emergency Management to identify unmet needs and determine how long the mitigation plan should stay in effect. COVID-19 cases in Crawford exceeded 1,000 total this week with a new record of 80 cases on Monday, there have been five deaths in the county since Halloween, and the Department of Health reports Meadville Medical Center only has two adult ICU beds remaining.