News Live 365: November 17th, 2020

Turaha Simmons of Oil City has been arrested for allegedly selling counterfeit money to an undercover police officer. According to authorities Simmons sold a thousand dollars of fake money to a Sugarcreek PD officer for $250 and was arrested in a parking lot in the City of Franklin. He’s also charged with the possession of methamphetamine which was discovered while he was being processed for Venango County Jail.


After nearly 50 years on the run, a Pittsburgh man has been captured by authorities. Leonard Moses was convicted in the death of a woman after throwing explosives into a house during the Pittsburgh Riots of 1968; he escaped prison in 1971 and spent 50 years on the lamb until he was arrested for an unrelated incident in Michigan last Thursday.


The Pennsylvania State Senate voted against reconfirming Jennifer Storm as the Pennsylvania Victim Advocate. By a vote of 32 to 18 senators voted against reconfirming Storm for another six year term, largely because she isn’t an attorney. The job of the Victim Advocate is to ensure the state protects the rights of the victims of crimes.