News Live 365: November 9, 2020

After five days of counting provisional, absentee, and mail in ballots, election officials finally called their results for the 2020 election just before noon on Saturday and named Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. the winner in Pennsylvania by about 43,000 votes. President Trump held an early lead by the results of the in person voting but early and mail in ballots, which could not be counted until the polls opened on election day, favored the democratic candidate by a margin of nearly 4 to 1. Preliminary election results indicate that Attorney General Josh Shapiro won reelection, also by massive mail in ballot support and, that even Republicans Stacy Garretty and Tim Defoor who won Treasurer and Auditor General respectively had better than average support from early voters than their republican colleagues, each of them finding more mail in support than even President Trump. A full accounting of results can be found at and we have some results from local elections of impact here.

United States Congress

15th Congressional District
Republican Glenn Thompson (Incumbent) defeats Democrat Robert Williams

16th Congressional District
Republican Mike Kelly (Incumbent) defeats Democrat Kristy Gnibus


PA General Assembly Representatives

1st District
Democrat Patrick Harkins ran unopposed

2nd District
Democrat Robert Merski ran unopposed

3rd District
Democrat Ryan Bizarro (Incumbent) defeats Republican Greg Hayes

4th District
Republican Curtis Sonny ran unopposed

6th District
Republican Brad Roae (incumbent) defeats Democrat Matt Ferrence

7th District
Mark Longietti Ran unopposed

8th District
Republican Tim Bonner (incumbent) defeats Democrat Phil Heasely

17th District
Republican Parke Wentling ran unopposed

64th District
Republican Lee James (incumbent) defeats Green Michael Badges-Canning

65th District
Republican Kathy Rapp ran unopposed


PA General Assembly Senate

21st District
Republican Scott Hutchinson (incumbent) defeats Democrat Lynn Stromyer

49th District
Republican Dan Laughlin defeats Democrat Julie Slomski