News Live 365: November 5th, 2020

The election still gobbles up headlines across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the country as the state continues to count and receive mail in ballots and the President’s reelection campaign attempts an injunction in court to halt counting until there can be in their words, “meaningful transparency”. Statewide elections also hang in limbo while the state deals with hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots. According to data from the Pennsylvania Department of State there are more than 760,000 absentee votes left uncounted and more than 900,000 ballots have been processed every day since counting started on election day; the process is roughly 70% done, but ballots postmarked on Tuesday can still trickle in through the mail by Friday at 5PM according to the Supreme Court of the United States. At the current rate of counting results should be expected by the end of today. Meanwhile not even every in person ballot which was cast on Tuesday has been accounted for; according to the Department of State only 11 of 40 precincts in Clarion County have reported.


Many area school districts are switching to a hybrid learning model as COVID cases have begun to climb drastically in Northwest Pennsylvania. By the hybrid models in most districts one half of students will attend classes live while the other remains home to learn remotely on alternating days with Fridays designated for all students to learn remotely. Your local school districts will have more information.


A Pennsylvania Judge has been arrested and charged for the alleged sexual assault of a 12 year old boy in Perry County. 58 year old Magisterial District Judge Michael Schechterly of Newport is charged with Unlawful Contact with Children, Corruption of Minors, and Indecent Assault. Schechterly was elected to his position in 2011 and is being charged for an alleged assault which took place at his home in 2012. The judge is part of a youth group at his church and regularly had children at his home and office.