News Live 365: November 4th, 2020

The 2020 Presidential Election still hangs in limbo this morning as six key states are still tabulating votes, including hundreds of thousands and even millions of mail in and absentee ballots. Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada and here in Pennsylvania are all still awaiting results for the presidential race. The Statewide offices of Treasurer, Attorney General, and Auditor General, are likewise in a state of limbo as mostly mail in votes are still being processed and counted, but some local races have been decided.

The final tallies are not all the way in, but in the United States House of Representatives Republican Glenn Thompson will remain in his seat representing the 15th Congressional District after defeating his challenger Robert Williams, Republican Mike Kelly will remain in the 16th District over Democrat Kristy Gnibus.

For Representatives in the General Assembly the 3rd district race between democratic incumbent Mike Bizarro and Challenger Greg Hayes is too close to call without early ballots. Republican Brad Roae seems to have overcome challenger Matthew Ferrance in the 6th district.

Republican Tim Bonner retains the 8th district against Democrat Phillip Heasely and Republican Lee James has overcome Michael Badges-Canning of the Green Party in district 64. Democrats Patrick Harkins and Robert Merksi, and Republicans Parke Wentling and Kathy Rapp ran unopposed.

In the State Senate Republican Scott Hutchinson takes the 21st district over Democrat Lynn Stromyer and the 49th district goes to Republican Daniel Laughlin over Democrat Julie Slomski.