News Live 365: October 14th, 2020

An Erie man was charged in a shooting death that happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Corey Ray Kendig has been arraigned on charges of criminal homicide, aggravated assault, and reckless endangerment after allegedly shooting a man outside of a gentleman’s club in Erie’s Harborcreek Township. According to state police troopers Kendic was involved in a fight with multiple people when he pulled a handgun and fired a shot which struck Jeremy Jones in the abdomen, causing his death en route to the hospital; it’s unknown if Jeremy was involved in the conflict.
Kendig was denied bail and has been remitted to Erie County Prison. Anyone with information on events leading to the shooting should please call the Erie State Police at (814)898-1641.


A final reminder that anyone not registered to vote has five days to submit their registration. Monday, October 19th is the cut off for voter registration of anyone looking to register ahead of the 2020 Presidential election. You can register online, or check your eligibility for the coming election at