News Live 365: September 29th, 2020

24 year old Branden Auen of Erie has been charged with kidnapping, burglary, attempted murder, and about a dozen other crimes after his arrest at around 1AM Friday morning. It’s alleged that late on the night of Thursday September 24th Auen broke into a home on Auburn Street in the City of Erie and kidnapped the male and female residents who lived there, then forced them at gunpoint to drive him to a camp near Spartansburg where he said he would kill them both. One of the victims crashed their vehicle into a guide rail on Route 77 in an attempt to escape and the Pennsylvania State Police responded to a phone call soon after, rescuing the victims and arresting Auen without incident. Auen is in Erie County Jail with a quarter million dollars in bail.


The Pennsylvania House of Representative will convene tomorrow at Grace United Methodist Church in Harrisburg as part of the historic building’s bicentennial anniversary. The church served as a temporary home to the house in 1897 when fire devastated Pennsylvania’s Capitol building.