News Live 365: September 4th, 2020

During last year’s Labor Day Weekend there were 22 traffic fatalities with an additional 40 people seriously injured due accidents caused by drunk drivers around the state of Pennsylvania. Cambridge Springs Police Chief Tad Acker, coordinator of the Crawford County DUI task force, has stated via press release that the task force will be upping its presence this Labor Day Weekend and be performing extra patrols on the watch for drunk drivers. If your weekend includes drinking, enjoy your weekend safely and use a designated driver or take advantage of a ride sharing service, but please don’t drink and drive.


Two bills did pass the Pennsylvania House of Representatives after the failed veto override on Wednesday. Both bills were situated around school sports and extracurricular activities. House Bill 2787 would give school districts the final say in whether crowds would be allowed at fall sporting events. House Bill 2788 would give students the option of attending an additional year of school including extracurricular activities to make up for time lost due to the pandemic.