News Live 365: August 26th, 2020

Crawford County Commissioner Eric Henry announced last night via social media that the county had finalized an agreement for an analyzer which can confirm a COVID-19 case in just 15 minutes. Along with the equipment comes 4,000 proprietary testing kits that were also a part of the deal. According to the announcement, the machine was acquired using funds provided by the CARES Act and will be a vital piece of equipment for the county to have as schools reopen. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health 167 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed by just over 6,000 tests in Crawford County with another 25 still awaiting results, at least two patients have died. Across the state nearly 1.6 million tests have confirmed 130,000 cases, with 7,600 patient deaths, about 105,000 of those cases are considered recovered though roughly 1 in 20 patients have lingering complications.