News Live 365: August 20th, 2020

Philip Pandolf is the President and CEO of Meadville Medical Center; he recently published an open letter addressed to the residents of Crawford County regarding a recent increase in cases of COVID-19 across the county. In the letter Pandolf urges everyone to continue maintaining social distance, wash their hands, and wear a mask while out in public. He calls them imperative with fall approaching and the area’s children returning to school at the beginning of September.
The entire letter can be found on Meadville Medical Center’s Facebook page. Crawford County has had 152 confirmed cases of COVID and awaits testing results on 25 more probable cases; so far only two deaths have been attributed to the disease in Crawford County. Statewide Pennsylvania has confirmed more than 122,000 cases of the disease causing about 7,500 deaths since March; 80% of patients are said to have recovered, but many have lasting complications from their ordeals.