News Live 365: August 18th, 2020

Authorities in Crawford County are investigating a graduation party that turned violent in Cussewago Township and devolved into a brawl involving as many as 50 people. It was around 4AM on Sunday morning when State Troopers arrived at the scene to find an unnamed male wounded by a single gunshot and that many of the people attending the party had fled into the woods surrounding the area around Wetsell Road. The Pennsylvania State Police in Meadville are still investigating the incident and have currently not made any arrests.


Various towns in Clarion County have received a total of $1.3 million in grant money from the state for local infrastructure projects. The money includes grants for a sewage project in Lucinda, a stormwater system upgrade in Clarion, and the removal of a sandbar in Red Bank Creek near New Bethlehem. 


A Federal Judge in Pennsylvania is prepared to reject a lawsuit from the campaign to re-elect Donald Trump after lawyers handling the suit failed to provide any evidence of fraud during the primary election. Representatives from the Trump Campaign filed suit in June against Pennsylvania’s expanded mail-in voting laws and were given until the 14th of August to provide proof of wrongdoing.