News Live 365: August 17th, 2020

42 year old John Hanson of East Springfield is being charged for assault with a weapon after allegedly attacking a neighbor with a metal fence picket on saturday August 15th. According to the Pennsylvania State Police in Girard, Hanson and his neighbor were having an argument when he struck him at least once with the weapon and also used it to vandalize his car.


PennDOT revealed its new 12 year program last week. Pennsylvania Law requires the District of Transportation to include and prioritize all current and future projects for the next 12 years and the estimated funds needed to complete them every other year. You can review the 12 year plan which begins in October, as well as the maintenance schedules for the week of August 17th at


On Friday two high school wrestling coaches in Cambria County were arrested and charged with soliciting child pornography and corruption of minors after an anonymous tip from a student. Michael Fox and Bradley Roussell who coached Portage Area High School wrestling are accused of encouraging members of the wrestling team to obtain nude photographs of female students and share them with the team and its coaches.