News Live 365: August 12th, 2020

3,171 individual gifts raising $377,638.64 is the grand total of donations to nonprofit and charitable organizations raised by the second annual Crawford Gives event. This year’s event by the Crawford Heritage Foundation has more than doubled last year’s which ran October 19th. The five organizations receiving the most were Westbury Manor, The Academy Theater, Women’s Services Inc., The Center for Family Services, and Common Roots.


In celebration of the Centennial of the 19th Amendment of the United States Constitution which guarantees that women will have the right to vote, Edinboro University faculty and alumni, and art educators from across Erie County have completed a mural at the headquarters for HANDS of Erie. The mural is entitled Her Voice Her Vote and depicts important suffragettes from the history of both Erie and the United States.


With the announcement that the NCAA’s Big Ten football conference will not be playing football this fall many season ticket holders for Penn State University are feeling taken advantage of. Instead of refunding the extra money season ticket holders pay for the privilege of reserving a seat the University has instead opted to turn the fee’s into a tax deductible donation to a scholarship fund.