News Live 365: July 31st, 2020

Authorities in Crawford County are saying a vehicle malfunction led to a head on collision which resulted in a medivac for three people, including a 4 year old child. Crash scene investigators say that at about 2:30 Thursday afternoon a car malfunctioned while travelling west along Route 322 in West Shenango Township, bounced off of an embankment, and then collided head on with the vehicle of a young family of five which was traveling east. The driver of the malfunctioning vehicle Edna Allender, the driver of the second vehicle Zachary Tharpe, and a four year old child which was also in the second vehicle were all flown to different medical facilities by STAT Medivac for treatment of injuries.


PennDOT is now offering a non-binary gender option on all driver’s licenses and photo identification cards. All identifying documents from PennDOT now have the option of choosing an M for male, F for Female, or X for other identities. Customers who wish to change their gender designation simply need to fill out Form DL-32, and bring it to any PennDOT Driver License Center to complete the process. The process must be done at a physical location and not online.