News Live 365: July 21st, 2020

50 year old Brian Burns and 19 year old Nicholas Burns were both injured when the vehicle they were in suddenly caught fire on Route 285 in Crawford County. According to crash scene investigators the vehicle caught fire while the two were traveling eastward along 285. Brian drove the vehicle into a ditch off the south side of the road for both men to escape and the younger man had to be hospitalized for his injuries which are considered not life threatening.


Another standoff between Governor Tom Wolf and the Pennsylvania General Assembly as the governor considers the use of his veto against a bill that passed unanimously. House Bill 2463 would update Pennsylvania’s Right to Know law so that state agencies would be required to answer official right to know requests even if they have to close their physical locations.


Attorney General Josh Shapiro has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania against the historically black Lincoln University. It’s alleged that on July 10th Lincoln University violated the Sunshine Act and its own bylaws by denying several board members a seat during it’s July 10th meeting in which it ousted University President Brenda Allen.