News Live 365: July 2nd, 2020

Mask wearing is now required in all public spaces in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by an order from Secretary of Health, Dr. Rachel Levine. The order makes exemptions for children younger than the age of two years old and for individuals with a mental or physical health condition that prevents them from safely wearing a mask. There are also exemptions for individuals operating heavy equipment or performing other jobs where a mask may prove hazardous.
Secretary Levine’s order comes after the commonwealth posted its largest single day increase in new COVID-19 cases and deaths since June the 5th. Pennsylvania added 636 new cases of the disease and 38 more people to the death toll on Wednesday, bringing the confirmed state totals to more than 87,000 infections and 6,700 deaths; around 67,000 COVID patients have recovered and 20,000 are currently sick, and the state performs between 17 and 19 thousand tests per day.