News Live 365: June 25th, 2020

Reforming policing across the state was the major subject of debate in Harrisburg yesterday, with both the house and senate approving several bills aimed at police reform and rebuilding or strengthening relationships between communities and law enforcement. In the House of Representatives bill 1910 was passed to increase the amount of mandatory training officers receive in de-escalation techniques, implicit bias, harm reduction, and how to recognize signs of child abuse. A second bill that was passed in the house, HB1841, would expand background checks required by departments hiring police officers and create a database of information where records on the officer’s conduct will be shared between departments; a reform that many of the State’s top law enforcement organizations and officers have been lobbying for. The state Senate fast tracked and approved a bill to ban the use of chokeholds by all law enforcement agencies in Pennsylvania, and to document incidents where police officers use force to gain a suspect’s compliance.