News Live 365: June 19th, 2020

An autopsy is to be performed at around noon today on a body that may be connected to a Wednesday crime spree across Erie and Warren Counties. The body was discovered Thursday morning shortly after the arrest of a suspect named Cody Potthoff. Potthoff is accused of multiple vehicle thefts after crashing while attempting to flee a traffic stop in Edinboro. He allegedly held some of his victims at gunpoint and broke into at least one home to obtain keys for a truck. Erie County Coroner Lyell Cook has not released details on the body, but State Police suspect foul play.


Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health, Dr. Rachel Levine, is urging blood donations to help COVID-19 patients. If you’ve recovered from COVID, your blood plasma contains antibodies that can help the immune response of patients currently infected with the disease. Dr. Levine also urges donating blood in general, as there are always patients and hospitals in need.