News Live 365: June 9th, 2020

Authorities are searching for a firearm that was stolen from a truck on Semerad Road in Crawford County’s Union Township. The weapon is a 9mm Ruger LC9 pistol with black grips; it was originally pink, but recolored to be black and some of the paint has worn off to reveal the original pink finish underneath. The serial number for the weapon is #-32619055. If you have information about the theft of the weapon please call the Meadville State Police at (814)332-6911.

Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Health, Dr. Rachel Levine, recently spoke about M I S C, a condition in children related to infections from COVID-19. MISC stands for multisystem inflammatory syndrome; it was mistaken early in the pandemic for Kawasaki’s disease and only seems to affect children. Its symptoms include high fever, a rash or change in skin color, swollen lymph nodes, red eyes, and abdominal pain. Secretary Doctor Levine said that at least 19 cases MISC have been confirmed in people between 10 months and 18 years old.

Pennsylvania is now performing over 12,000 tests a day and added 351 new cases of COVID to the official total yesterday.  Nearly 76,000 cases have been detected, 71% of patients have recovered, but nearly 6,000 have died from the infection.