News Live 365: June 8th, 2020

A group of Pennsylvania’s highest ranking lawmen have responded to the George Floyd Protests with calls for change. A coalition including Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, presidents from multiple fraternal police orders, and more are all calling for statewide legislation to reform the hiring process for police forces. As a group they are calling for the passage of laws that would help ensure that information on police officers with a history of complaints against them or a record of misconduct or excessive force can be exchanged between police forces across the state, thereby providing a buffer against bad eggs being shuffled from department to department. Governor Tom Wolf has also called for reform, beginning by directing police academies across the state to review their curriculums.


PennDOT has released its work schedules for the week of June 8th for review online. You can find the schedules for Crawford, Forest, Venango, Erie, Warren, and Mercer Counties at